The misadventures of a mom and wife just trying a little something new.


Introducing myself!

Hi guys! I’m Angela.

Long story shorter (maybe?). I’m a happily married mother, office manager and all happy go lucky lady.  My family is my number one priority but you won’t read a lot or see a lot about them here because this is one of the few things in my life that is just about me. I want them to be able to have their privacy from this.  A lot of reasons I started this is because a lot of my friends are asking about my Keto adventure and what I am eating… all that good stuff. So here it is…


Growing up I was an incredibly thin little thing. Superfast metabolism. These good genetics served me well for a good long while. How thin was thin? Well, growing up in school when you had the anorexia after school special television shows they’d make you watch in health class … everybody would stare at me. Not knowing my skinny little butt ate just about any old thing I wanted to. And then I turned 25. I had gone from being 5’8″ and about 125 to 147.5 in almost not time flat. I’d never considered exercise most of my life. Never had to and honestly I never saw the fun in it. It seemed like work that I was not interested in. Two kids and a bunch of pounds later I was without a choice. Before getting pregnant with my daughter I weighed 147.5. I believe at my last appointment before having her I was 220. I didn’t even realize this was happening. I was the kind of naive pregnant that assumed eating for two meant two linebackers. I can’t say I regret too much. She’s a healthy happy amazing girl with my same skinny minnie genes. About this time I started a gym. I don’t think that my heart was in it. I didn’t last long. Before I knew it baby girl was celebrating her first birthday and I was pregnant again. I started this pregnancy out determined to be more cautious. To watch what I ate. To exercise. To not gain so much weight. I was pretty successful second pregnancy. Cautious – and walked on the treadmill. So the damage wasn’t quite as bad when  my son was born. I was about 175 right afterwards.

As soon as I was medically permitted (both kids were C-Sections) I started going to the gym again. Found a lovely community center and took full advantage of the daycare program. I’d go for 2 hours daily. One full hour cardio and either a body pump class or weight lifting (on machines.. cause that’s what I knew and quite frankly still like). I lost a lot of weight. Really fast. By the time my son was 4 months old I was as thin as I’d been since the great marriage weight gain. I kept up with the gym continued to look great and look in pretty good shape. Honestly- I was probably eating horribly but whatever. That wasn’t hurting. YET.

Jolly me and my gorgeous little one. 2007

About a year later came divorce. And even more weight loss. Got down to my after 25 years old all time low of 125.

Finally life settled down and a few months later I was 138 lbs. This is when I decided to try to get back into a workout schedule. And logging food on MyFitnessPal where I had been a member since my son’s birth. Anyways… well.. I got fitter still. And somehow (probably I was eating everything I wanted drinking everything I wanted and not measuring)  I kept gaining weight. When I got remarried in 2014 I was about 165 lbs. And I have stayed there for 3 years.

I’m not upset that I gained weight. Really- I’m not. I am what I like to call a culinary hedonist. I love all things food and drink. I love a good chardonnay or stout. I love a really great grilled cheese. I love  mashed potatoes.

BUT I also LOVE butter, olive oil and bacon.

So in thinking about what to do I figured this diet aligns most closely with what I want to do. Which is lose weight, cut some booze and have also already learned to LOVE the Keto energy.

Recent photo (early summer) and to me an indication I needed to start trying again.

Check out this awkward skinny chick! I’d say 1990?