Things I’ve eaten so far!

So here are a couple recipes I have tried and really enjoyed. I won’t post the recipes I didn’t like as I don’t feel that’s nice! Maybe I will post them after I have tweaked them enough to enjoy them. Honestly right now I pretty much “keep it simple” since my husband will not be following the keto lifestyle I kind of have to cook 2 meals. So easy peasy does it. Of course ONE nice thing is that all this Keto energy allows me to have times when I can cook all these different dishes for everybody and not feel overwhelmed or tired or put out. The energy right now is even better than the weight loss to me.

Ruled me is one of the first places I go to look for recipes. Not that there aren’t other good ones. Another thing I do is google the ingredients I have on hand and then “keto” and something always pops up.


So here are a few recipes I have used and enjoyed.



This recipe I did not alter at all- and let me tell you what it was amazing. Phenomenal. My son had it for dinner as well and he also loved it. Being a huge fan of eggplant I was happy to have a use for it.

I always try to “fix” recipes I enjoy. Make them perfect. Make them better. Sitting here thinking about it I cannot think of one thing I would do different. We’ll see the next time I make it. But so far 10/10 would eat again and again and again!



I promise I don’t have a partnership with this website! I just found it very handy. THIS soup is AMAZING! Now- I think that I doctored this up a bit. But I can’t remember. Made a double batch and packed in containers for my lunches. THIS will be one I fall back on often- as the macros are VERY friendly to the keto diet. Also a 10/10 would eat again and again and again!


Now I JUST made these over the weekend. But I can promise you- I will be making these weekly. I will also toy around with the recipe to stave off boredom. This last weekend I followed the exact recipe though. Also a 10/10 would eat again and again and again!


REALLY so yummy. I added a little bit of wine at the end to deglaze the pan and then some heavy cream.

Next time I will add even MORE heavy cream as this recipe is so high in the protein that it can really mess up the keto macros. When I made this I put it over some Green Giant riced Cauliflower. Also a 10/10 would eat again and again and again!

Other than that I have a few hacks. Firstly, I put heavy cream in my coffee in the morning. I hated it. THEN I found some sugar free Torani syrup. That makes it ok.
Another hack AND THIS IS A BIG ONE!

I will sauté about 6 pieces of bacon, retrieve bacon with a slotted spoon and put between paper towels to crisp. At this point I add in some garlic. Sauté that for a bit. Maybe add butter- maybe add olive oil.

THEN I throw in either kale, spinach or collard greens. Basically whatever good green I have on hand. Cook till greens are desired level of wilted and viola. IF carbs allow it’s nice tossed with spaghetti squash. If not – it’s lovely on its own.

Another hack- always having avocados and cheese on hand. My football snacks used to be a lot different. Now- it’s a hunk of cheddar or brie.

I mix things up as I can- but again trying to cook somewhat differently for my family kind of limits me a bit!

Keto 3 weeks in

3 weeks’ in


So. I started all this on August 22nd. I was feeling just a bit chunky. I was feeling tired. I wasn’t really enjoying the way that I looked in or out of clothes.

Starting weight was 167.5. So now- I am 10 pounds down.

When I started this diet it was very poorly planned.

I pretty much existed on pork rinds and avocados and cheese and scratching my head.

The next week I got prepared a little better.

Early in I purchased some keto strips so I know I have stayed in Ketosis no matter my sadness at meals.


How “in” this diet am I right now? Well I just purchased coconut flour. I made my first fat bombs. Somehow I cannot BUY enough butter, bacon or heavy cream. I love bacon. More than most people and I have to confess that I thought about how my dinner was probably going to have some bacon in it- and wrinkled my nose. Lunch tomorrow will have bacon too. So will dinner.

I had to give avocados a break because I was bored of them. Is bacon the new avocado??!?!

I really actually need to get around to taking some before and after photos. It’s quite tough because I want to make sure that it’s appropriate! I AM a married lady- ya know!

I’ll get around to figuring something out.

The weight loss hasn’t been as dramatic as I had hoped. I need to work on less protein. I have extra calories every day just trying to balance out the macros. Carbs are no problem. But protein, man.

Anyways the idea for this blog is to just keep track of recipes I have tried- let you know what I think or even how I tweaked them to make them either fit macros better or be more palatable. Or just kind of jabber. I am good at jabber.