Things I have eaten recently!

I guess it’s time for an update on things that I have stuffed in my pie hole!

Firstly, this is a recipe that one my keto buddies recommended me. I looked at the recipe in disdain as it looked like a pain in the damned ass.
And honestly – it is NOT the easiest thing I have made but it’s so delicious it’s worth the trouble.

10/10 would make again and again. The first time I topped it with my famous bacon/kale sauté. The last time I made simple butter/thyme/garlic/lemon sauce.

I really like both ways and do believe I’ll be making some form of these each Sunday.

Now in Keto of course a huge issue is getting the macros to work out. With all the years on MyFitnessPal I have been told “protein, protein, protein” and this diet is like “whoa bro no more protein”

I make a lot of on the fly butter/cream sauces to throw on my chicken.

Is a great recipe that I used several times last week? And maybe licked the plate? Anyways. recipes like this help. Again the huge challenge for me is the fact that I am the only one doing Keto in my house.

Meal prep is important in Keto. What are you going have for lunch? This recipe is macro friendly, delicious and filling.

A friend suggested trying it with bacon, Brussels sprouts and red onion. And I think I will play around with that some weekend very soon.

Here’s another meal prep recipe. Great for lunches SO delicious that I honestly didn’t want to stop eating it when I ran out!

Just sensational. I ended up omitting the onions. I honestly don’t enjoy onions enough for the carbs. Don’t skip the sunflower seeds though, because it’s a super tasty addition.


Another tasty hack is I will take some heavy cream dump it in my kitchen aide and add a box of sugar free jello pudding until it’s a desired thick tasty cream.

I’ve tried the Sugar free cheesecake and the sugar free pistachio. LOVED the pistachio most.

I am going to make it my goal to try at least 2 new recipes a week. So the soup was a recipe this week- guess I need another!


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