A very non Keto Thanksgiving!




So last week I found the biggest pitfalls of a trip to see family on the keto diet.


Being a guest. I can’t lie. I have never enjoyed being a guest anywhere. That sounds awful and I truly don’t mean it to. I don’t like to be served. I don’t like the lack of control.

Keto is easy because I do all the shopping and all the cooking at home. So I make my meals- and if necessary another alternate meal for my family.

But a guest? I am either A. A rude asshole or B. Eating carbs.

It started simply.

On the drive there we needed to eat. I googled “fast food and keto diet” and was super excited for a bunless bacon cheeseburger from Wendy’s. As it happened when we found the exit we did not find the Wendy’s. Of all the places we could end up.

We ended up at…

Wait for it.


Firstly. I REALLY do not like Subway. Secondly… It’s sandwiches.

So I found the least carby thing I could think of- a flatbread sandwich. Immediately I felt gigantic. Of course that was purely in my mind but you get the idea.

The next morning my mother in law kindly offered the same old sugary coffee creamer. I said no thank you and put in heavy cream.

My husband offered to grab me a bagel from the good New Jersey bagel place (??? I don’t get this a bagel is a bagel) and just asked for bacon.
I don’t think my mother in law realized I’d be eating all six pieces of bacon she made!

I actually did well even that night when we ordered Chinese. Stuck with pancakeless moo shoo pork. Now mayyyybe I snuck few little crunchies. Or maybe a bite of my son’s eggroll!

But still- I did pretty well. Of course I think it was helped by the fact that I still felt like crap from having what felt like a huge amount of bread the day before.
At this point I was still convinced that I could pull Thanksgiving off.

Then I started to smell something that night.

Stuffing? What? What is this? I don’t think I have ever liked stuffing. But it smelled amazing.

I woke up Thanksgiving to a huge smile as there was a big old plate of sausage! Obviously I ate more than my fair share. But everybody else had bagels again. Or the cookies they’d been eating.

That’s all I ate until Thanksgiving dinner.

I munched on turkey skin before the meal. Placed some turkey on my plate. A little gravy. Some of the broccoli. A huge pile of stuffing. That might have been the first time EVER I put a whole bunch of stuffing on my plate.
It was delicious. I ate all that then added a little of my mother in laws great cranberry salad. Orange-pineapple- nuts- Jello. ALL the good things.  At this point- I’d said ohhhh well.

Of course there was wine with dinner (the only alcohol I’d had from Tuesday- Sunday) and finally when it was time for dessert I just had to have the pumpkin cheesecake with pecans on top.

The next day- was “pizza night” a huge thing with his family as his mother makes quite good pizza.

Pizza is not something that’s my favorite but I do really enjoy hers.

Then dessert.
You get the idea. After Thanksgiving I’d said “Fuck it” and made the most of a keto vacation.
Got home… looked at a Keto strip and of course I was completely out of ketosis.
I felt like crap. Bloated.

That Sunday my #1 goal was to get back into ketosis. So I watched what I ate.

I was back into ketosis by the next morning.
What really struck me during my break is how much I actually like my diet. How much it suits what I want to eat.

I really love the in laws. I am thankful for any time spent with friends or family that I care for.

And I was honestly angry at myself for “cheating” but I really did realize that sometimes these things happen.

It took me two days and I am down to my before the trip weight.
I will say that the keto diet really has trained me to eat pretty sensibly – I did eat carbs and they were good but it was not a free for all.


So I have now been doing this diet for over two months.

I have lost a decent amount of weight and I really feel wonderful.

I have cheated a little on a few occasions. My honest to goodness biggest indulgence is GOOD beer. Honestly that is what it is.

Here’s the thing. It started out hard- this diet. It really did. I thought I’d quite after our original cruise date I would stop the diet. I thought after knowing our cruise wasn’t until February I would take a month off of Keto and then go back as the cruise got closer.

But here I am. Still doing it. Still enjoying this diet.

November 8, 2017

You know why? Firstly, I love the food. Secondly… this is it. Photos taken exactly 2 months apart. So as you can see… huge difference. I have been a little lazy on exercise so I am about to ramp that up some. I am about to start lifting again. My goal is that by the time I get to the cruise I have actual abs! Which I have never, ever even at my lowest weight had.

I promise next week I will have something better!!!

September 8, 2017